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WeTip Anonymous Rewards​

WeTip is proud to offer anonymous rewards up to $1,000 on every anonymous tip made. If you made an anonymous tip and said “yes” to a reward, you may check the status to see if that tip was helpful in an arrest AND conviction.

Check the Status of Your Reward

If you made an anonymous tip and would like to check the status
please call any one of our live agents available 24/7 7days a week, 365 days a year.

Please remember to have your 6 digit case number and code name available for reference.



What is the Process for Approving Awards?

Please note all rewards and approval processes may vary by the agency


Response from Agency

Once WeTip sends your anonymous tip to the proper agency for investigation, it is up to that agency to report any feedback back to WeTip on that case.

If your tip helped aid investigating agency in an arrest AND conviction, and that agency has submitted WeTip’s proper forms, WeTip then reviews and prepares for Step 2.


WeTip Board of Directors Vote

Once the arrest AND conviction have been reported to WeTip and were due to the anonymous tip, WeTip then gives the info to our Board of Directors to vote on the reward amount. The WeTip Board of Directors takes into consideration the type of crime, the feedback from any investigative agencies involved, and the level of “justice” given to the suspect(s). In some cases, the reward is pre-determined by the investigating agency.


Setting a Pick-Up Location

Once a reward amount has been voted on or predetermined by the investigative agency, the reward is submitted by WeTip’s Board to our Justice Department, which prepares to arrange a pick-up location with the anonymous informant. During this process, the informant remains 100% anonymous.

We ask all informants to call or check our website periodically, as we are unable to contact any informants. Once contact is made, WeTip arranges pick-up at a local post office close to the informant. A postal money order with the informant’s code name is then submitted to that location with a predetermined date and time that works for the informant.


Cash Reward is Picked Up

Once WeTip submits the postal money order to the arranged local post office, the anonymous informant may pick up their cash using ONLY their assigned 3-part code name and they remain completely anonymous.