Pot Bust: Fontana, CA

Million Dollar Pot Bust, but No One’s Home

Fontana, CA… WeTip caller 609375 reported an indoor marijuana grow on Alder Ave. One January 6th, 2015, the anonymous caller reported there were at least 400-500 marijuana plants in the converted garage at the residence.

Fontana PD investigated the tip the same day. The address unfortunately, was abandoned, but they left behind 842 marijuana plants valued at $1,010,400.00 according to Officer Rodriguez of Fontana.

Although there were no arrests, law enforcement still rated this as a 10+ tip on a scale of 1-10. Because of WeTip caller 609375, none of these drugs will end up on the streets.

When anyone knows of a crime past, present or future, they may call the toll free anonymous WeTip Hotlines (800) 78-CRIME, (800) 47-ARSON, (800) 47-DRUGS, (800) US FRAUD, (800) 6-HIT-N-RUN and (855) 86-BULLY. These lines are staffed by trained, bi-lingual operators and are available to anyone in the United States.

WeTip has aided law enforcement with 567,592 tips, 16,182 arrests, 8,304 convictions, and over $330 million worth of illegal drugs and narcotics. There has been $24 million worth of stolen property and cash recovered in these cases. WeTip has paid $1,013,265 in rewards to anonymous callers in the 43 years they have been working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to turn peoples anger into action. WeTip works closely with law enforcement, fire departments, school and insurance officials throughout the nation to make our communities and schools safer for everyone.





Bully Poster Contest: Cutler-Orosi, CA

Cutler-Orosi USD Bully Poster Contest a Success!!

Cutler-Orosi, CA curtesy of: By Keven J. Geaney, Sentinel staff…

Last week Karina found out her recent artwork was chosen for a national poster as part of the WeTip anonymous bullying hotline. Her artwork will be on posters in school districts across the nation and at WeTip’s national conference in Los Angeles on April 22.

At first the contest was just a local event. The 16-year-old and two other students at Orosi High, Janette Madrigal and Jorge Macedo, were nominated for their artwork.

Probation officer Javier Gomez, in charge of the contest, shared the students’ work with a WeTip representative. Arenivaz’s artwork was chosen to be displayed at the national conference.

All three students’ artwork will be available for schools to purchase. The students’ work will also be put on posters locally and distributed throughout the Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District.

“The posters will be part of an anti-bullying campaign for the school district,” Gomez said.