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Submit a Crime Tip​ Anonymously

WeTip makes it easy to submit a confidential tip. To report a crime anonymously online, all you need is to submit a crime tip. WeTip promises and ensures absolute anonymity, not just confidentiality. WeTip provides intelligence and information to local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies relating to criminal activity obtained from an online and telephone crime reporting hotline.

Submit A Crime Tip - FAQs

If you’re wondering where to report online threats without having to worry about confidentiality, WeTip is the service you need. When you call WeTip’s line to submit an anonymous police tip (or you submit an anonymous police report online), your name is never disclosed publicly. Instead, the tipster is given a code number that he or she uses for all future communications with WeTip. The tipster is asked to keep full confidentiality and anonymity when they report crime anonymously.


After that, WeTip provides intelligence and information to local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies relating to the reported criminal activity, much like calling a police anonymous tip line. The main difference between using an anonymous police tip line and WeTip to anonymously report a crime is that WeTip adds a middle-man for additional identity protection during anonymous crime reporting.

You have several options to report a crime anonymously online, thanks to WeTip’s effective toolkit for anonymous reporting. When trying to decide how to anonymously report a crime, we know that it's important to have options. Whether you need to report drug trafficking, report self harm, report suspicious activity, report someone with warrants, report theft, report crimes against children, or report prostitution to police, anonymous reporting services like WeTip can keep your identity hidden and you safe.

That includes anonymous tip web forms, text tips (very similar to when you text a tip to police authorities), QR codes, and mobile app. Anyone can report an anonymous tip to police authorities. You can even submit multiple crime tips online, like a police theft report and a report of cyberbullying.

The police would review the submitted crime tip, like a theft report, and confirm its legitimacy. If the information of the reported crime tip turns out to be part of an ongoing investigation, the information is included in a warrant affidavit. That alone won’t be enough to issue a search or arrest warrant but the submitted crime tip information could play a key role in the follow-up actions that would lead to a warrant.

On many occasions, the submitted crime tips could be traced by a criminal defense attorney, thus revealing the identity of the tipster. However, the tipster is listed as a “confidential witness”. 

If you're concerned about your safety it's only natural to wonder how to report drug dealers or how to report a drug house anonymously. It’s recommended to use a crime reporting agency such as WeTip that guarantees your anonymous tips to police remain anonymous. By using an anonymous drug tip line or a probation violator tip line, you can send a tip to report drug activity online (or other criminal activity) without giving your name.

WeTip offers access to anonymous crime reporting online, via a mobile app, or via a hotline. After that, a six-digit case number is given to you that you use for all subsequent communications with the agency. Moreover, you are asked to keep full confidentiality. That's the best way to submit crime tips online.

With the opioid epidemic ravaging the United States, concerned citizens are wondering how to anonymously report a drug dealer and how to report drug trafficking. At WeTip, we have a dedicated online anonymous tip line for drugs, a drug tip hotline for the phone, and an app that enables you to submit an anonymous police report online. Whether you call our anonymous drug tip hotline, or report drunk driver anonymously online, our system makes it easy to learn how to report a drug dealer without the risk of retaliation. When you wonder how to report a drug crime anonymously, submit an anonymous tip to police with WeTip, because your identity is secure and the only "identifying" information associated with the tip is your 6-digit case number.

Yes, you can remain anonymous when reporting a crime. In fact, you’re asked not to reveal your identity. When reporting drug users to police, there is often a need to report drug activity anonymously. In addition, mandated reporters are obligated to report possible crimes against children. These situations can be tense without the veil of anonymity whenever the parties have to interact. Even if you’re not sure how to report suspicious activity in my neighborhood anonymously, WeTip’s technology makes it easy. 


An anonymous report to police can help law enforcement locate and stop criminal activity. When you submit a tip to our anonymous tip line police receive only the information you share. That means that submitting your anonymous police tip online with WeTip will protect your identity and the confidential tip gives law enforcement the information they need to act.

Once you report a crime tip to a crime reporting agency, they provide the reported information to local, state, federal and international law enforcement authorities, all while keeping your identity safe.

With WeTip, anonymous police reports are easier than ever. When you report anonymous crime tips to WeTip, using any of our various reporting tools, we submit the police anonymous tip for you. 


You don't have to call the police yourself; simply use our web forms, app, or one of our tip hotlines to report criminal activity safely and anonymously.

If you’re wondering how to report threats, submit a confidential tip, you can call any of WeTip's phone lines. You can also do that via confidential web forms or by using text tips or the mobile app. Your identity is never revealed.

When researching how to file a police report for vandalism, you can choose to report the crime directly to the police or via an anonymous tip line. When you use our app to report graffiti, you eliminate many stages of the process and no longer need to wonder how to report graffiti or “Who do I report graffiti to?”

There are many questions that surround mandated reporting. Do therapists have to report self harm? Do teachers have to report self harm?  Where do you report cyber crimes against children and where can I report criminal sex crimes? Mandated reporters, such as healthcare workers, social workers, and school staff, can use WeTip to make an anonymous call online to take the guesswork out of how to report cyber sex crimes and crimes against children. 

When trying to learn how to report arson anonymously, you need to learn how to report suspicious activity with tools like WeTip. We offer a range of anonymous tipping options to accommodate your communication preferences. Knowing your options for reporting crimes like arson allows conscientious citizens to make an informed choice about how to report arson without putting themselves at risk.

Yes. If you’re wondering how to report people with warrants, you can use an anonymous tip service like WeTip to protect your anonymity with an added layer of confidentiality. 

Yes. You may submit tips to WeTip for any suspicious or criminal activity and it will be passed on to the relevant authorities to investigate.