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Training & Crime Prevention Strategies

WeTip is proud to offer virtual or onsite crime prevention training to help empower your teams to prevent crime from occurring at your organization or in your community. We teach you to employ various crime prevention strategies that work and ensure efficient crime prevention and community safety. 

Equip Your Organization to Handle Any Incident With Solid Training & Crime Prevention Strategies

WeTip has established a crime prevention education safety program to help organizations nationwide create a safe and secure environment for all employees and members that is free from crime or threats. By realizing that the best source of information regarding threats and incidents comes from the community itself,  WeTip has established online crime prevention training, on-site workshops for crime prevention, and resources available to assist in organizational efforts to deter and stop criminals and terrorists from striking.

Why Crime Prevention Training is Important

  • Establish a crime prevention protocol to prevent and detect incidents before they become disastrous

  • Crime prevention strategies to develop emergency plans that include WeTip for reporting any time of incident or situation before it happens

  • Crime prevention approaches to uncover organizational misconduct or hazards

  • Reduce and eliminate threats, violence, property crime, vandalism, fraud, or theft that affects the community

crime prevention strategies and training
  • Crime prevention training that helps you reduce risk and loss to organizations caused by violence or other destructive behavior

  • Training for crime prevention that enables you to provide a way to communicate information about worrisome situations anonymously without fear of retaliation

  • Aid law enforcement during or after an incident

  • Increase the likelihood of corrective action and reduce incidents, thus ensuring crime prevention and community safety

Crime Prevention Training - Dedicated Tools

crime prevention training resources

Online Crime Prevention Training

Empower your staff and community to report incidents they see at your organization. WeTip’s virtual training for crime prevention shows your staff and leadership teams how to submit reports, what types of incidents can be reported, and how to manage reports that come into your organization internally.

After taking the crime prevention training courses, your organization will be able to identify, deter, and prevent future incidents from happening, keeping everyone at your organization safer and feeling more secure.

crime prevention strategies and training at wetip

Onsite Training​ For Crime Prevention

In a classroom format, your leadership team and staff will be introduced some of the most efficient crime prevention training programs. Such is the WeTip Anonymous Reporting System. Your teams will go through how the WeTip system works, how to use WeTip to its full capacity, and what crime prevention resources are provided to assist in your safety solutions.

By the end, your teams will feel empowered to confront future crime and incident reports head on, knowing that WeTip is helping keep your organization safer. Extra travel fees may apply.


Training For Crime Prevention Strategies - FAQs

WeTip offers online training as well as onsite workshops that teach your organization or community how to prevent crime from occurring.

The crime prevention training can be done online or on-site.

Yes, extra travel fees may apply if you decide to go with the on-site training for crime prevention and community safety.

By taking WeTip’s crime prevention training, you will learn valuable crime prevention strategies that will help your organization or community mitigate the risk of crime and its repetition.

After taking WeTip’s crime prevention training courses and the various workshops for crime prevention, you will know how to develop emergency plans, mitigate the risk and loss to your organization caused by crime, uncover organizational or community misconduct, and, in general – diminish the risk of any form of crime.

An important tool for preventing crime is the WeTip Anonymous Reporting System. As part of the crime prevention course, your team will learn how to use the reporting system at its full capacity in order to more efficiently confront future crime and incident reports.

Both crime prevention training courses are designed to deliver practical crime prevention education. They are both equally efficient and the choice which one to take depends entirely on your organization’s preference.