Reward Payment Notification

Anonymous information called into the WeTip Anonymous National Crime Hotline has aided Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services in the fight against welfare fraud. Caller # 671743 reported welfare fraud. After investigating, the information reported to WeTip resulted in positive fraudulent findings. Thanks to the anonymous caller taking the time to call WeTip, the suspect will no longer continue to receive assistance they were not eligible for.

The caller may now contact WeTip to arrange for the anonymous facilitation of their $100 reward payment.

For over three decades WeTip has provided ANONYMOUS Welfare Fraud tips to Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services to help supplement welfare fraud related investigations. Over 18,000 cases are investigated annually and nearly 500 cases are sent to the District Attorney for potential prosecution each year. In 2023, anonymous welfare fraud tips have aided the County in saving tax payers over $4 million in fraudulent overpayments.