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Web-Based Form Reporting

WeTip offers an opportunity for organizations to become WeTip members and sign up for dedicated reporting methods customized for their organization.

Dedicated WeTip Services to Keep Your Organization Safe

WeTip offers a variety of dedicated reporting services to help your organization stay safe. Prioritize the safety of your staff and community with WeTip’s dedicated phone lines for phone or text reporting, as well as personalized web forms to gather the most important information. Receive monthly reports with a summary of all incidents that have come in through each channel to see the continued success of WeTip’s efforts at your organization.

Dedicated Tools

we tip web based form reporting hotline

Dedicated Phone Number

WeTip’s dedicated phone lines are handled and triaged by the WeTip call center. Your organization will have access to all reports that come in through your dedicated phone line, as well as any national hotline tips that come in regarding your organization. You have the option to choose between an after-hours Call Center or 24/7/365 phone lines.

we tip web based form reporting text qr code

Dedicated Text Hotlines and QR Codes

Empower your community or organization to report in a way that feels comfortable by providing a text line and QR code that allows them to report quickly and easily. Once they text the dedicated number or scan the QR code, reporters will receive a link to your personalized web form, where they can report and give as much information as they are able to

Dedicated Web Forms

Personalize your web forms to gather information when incidents come in. WeTip offers a variety of forms to help your organization stay ahead of any ncident, whether it be arson, bullying, harassment, vandalism, fraud, etc. These forms can be monitored by your organization or by WeTip. WeTip monitoring can either be after hours or 24/7/365 form monitoring and triage.