Please Help Find Daniel

Contact – David Robinson II P: (803) 873-6988 E: [email protected]

“Please Help Find Daniel.”  WeTip 2.0 & CatapultK12 have partnered with David Robinson II, Daniel’s father to assist in locating his missing son. We have operators standing by to receive any tips or information that can lead to finding Daniel. 

After graduating college in 2019, David’s son, Daniel Robinson, landed a field geologist career and moved to Phoenix, AZ.  Daniel was last seen the morning of June 23, 2021, leaving his worksite in the desert of Buckeye, AZ. He was driving his 2017 blue/grey Jeep Renegade and is believed to have headed west into desert terrain. He oversees many sites located in remote desert locations, often working in extreme conditions and traveling long distances to work on projects.

Daniel has an innate passion for adventure and is known to travel during inopportune moments. However, he always communicates with friends and family about his travel plans. It has been several months with no leads or evidence towards Daniel’s disappearance. Initially, a missing person report was filed the same evening on the day he was last seen. Approximately one month after his disappearance, Daniel’s Jeep Renegade was discovered by a rancher in a remote part of the desert not too far from the well site where Daniel was last seen. Though the vehicle has now been recovered, Daniel remains missing.

If you have any information on Daniel or may suspect someone else does, please submit an anonymous tip to WeTip using the dedicated phone line, custom form link, or reach out to your local authorities. You can also help by spreading the message and providing awareness on this search effort.

Organization’s Dedicated Line: (844)-602-0660

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