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Southern New Mexico Unsolved Murders was founded in April 2021 to highlight cold case homicides and disappearances in Grant County. This nonprofit organization is now seeking support in its mission of raising at least $10,000 to fund various resources and tools to reignite communities to “see something” and “say something.” 

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WeTip Celebrates 50 Years of Fighting Crime

Saving Lives With Anonymous Reporting Since 1972

This week WeTip, the national anonymous tip reporting system, celebrates its 50th anniversary. From frightened children to the hunt for infamous serial killers, WeTip enables anyone to call, click or text a tip about a crime or suspicious activity to our national hotline.

Because of the two million anonymous crime reports that WeTip has received:

  • More than 20,000 criminal arrests have been made
  • 400 murderers were arrested
  • 951 robbery/burglary suspects were arrested
  • $340 million in drugs and narcotics were seized by law enforcement
  • 902 wanted fugitives and 300 parole violators were captured
  • 168 violent gang members have been arrested and taken out of neighborhoods
  • 125 sex crime offenders went to prison

Helping Catch the Most Infamous Serial Killers 

Working with law enforcement and television stations across the country, WeTip answered the call by actively taking 24/7 tips on the Night Stalker serial killer, the Hillside strangler, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Green River Killer as well as thousands of other media calls to capture dangerous criminals.

Because of WeTip, thousands of parents are hugging children whose lives might have been lost. Just imagine the children who didn’t deal with the pain of abuse and the families who didn’t bury a loved one because anonymous crime reports poured into WeTip, alerting law enforcement of the predators in their communities.

Turning a Crime Fighting Vision into Reality

It all began in February 1972 when WeTip’s founders, Bill and Miriam Brownell, turned their vision for safer communities into a reality. They worked tirelessly to grow and expand this novel and innovative way to report a crime or incident without fear of reprisal. As the grandfather of all anonymous reporting hotline services, WeTip’s founders blazed a trail that enabled communities, schools and businesses to join forces with WeTip in the War on Crime.

By 1982, this small Ontario, CA grassroots program, exploded into a nationwide program and launched a major network television show. Presidents, congressmen and senators, governors, police chiefs and sheriffs have praised and lauded the WeTip Program for its innovation and impact on crime in America and the lives that have been saved. WeTip programs began simply, with anonymous tips on drug deals.

The 1970s and 1980s began a new era of community action and safety awareness. WeTip was at the forefront of the movement, leading the charge for safer neighborhoods. This quickly expanded anonymous reporting on all major crimes.

Agencies throughout America have partnered with WeTip to launch anonymous reporting on Arson, Human Trafficking, Bullying, Fraud, Bank Robbery, and Sexual Abuse. President Ronald Reagan lauded WeTip as a “shining example of true community involvement.”

The Future of Anonymous Reporting  

As we enter the next decade of growth, WeTip is now WeTip 2.0, powered by CatapultEMS. Our new solution provides interactive capabilities for law enforcement agencies to search and see tip data in their cities and counties. WeTip’s new processes, hardware and software will empower the new WeTip website to receive tips for decades to come.

WeTip invites all communities, schools and businesses to join together for safer neighborhoods for us all.

A TikTok Trend That’s Wreaking Havoc on Campuses

Recently, a TikTok trend called “Devious Licks” made its debut on the social media platform that has roughly 1 billion monthly active users. And get this, a third of these users are age 14 or younger according to The New York Times. The “Devious Licks” trend is encouraging students primarily in middle schools and high schools to destroy and vandalize their campuses for views. Students are going into bathrooms and stealing soap dispensers, paper towel machines and even entire urinals after-hours. Facilities, storage areas and classrooms are not off-limits either.  As a result of this trend, schools are shutting down areas on campus for repairs and paying the price in damage control. Teachers, staff, administrators and parents are overwhelmed as the power of social media strikes again in a harmful way.

How can we combat something like this from happening in the future and take charge in the now?

First and foremost, we encourage teachers and staff to address these issues at a school level, acknowledging the outcomes of a trend like this. We also encourage parents to have healthy discussions with their children surrounding social media and the impacts it has on behavior.

At a district level, Ensure your schools have an anonymous reporting system in place that addresses the concerns you see happening right on your campuses. Empower your students to be a part of the solution without fear of retaliation through anonymously reporting if and when reckless or suspicious events take place.

WeTip is a nationwide anonymous reporting resource available to all districts. Within the last week, WeTip has taken close to 5 school vandalism tips related to this trend alone. Download this Vandalism Flyer and distribute it around your campuses to help deter unwanted behavior and put a stop to this trend. Use the QR code or visit www.wetip.com to easily submit tips free of charge.

For more information on this trend click here

Help Stop Soledad City Graffiti

Soledad, CA… Since March 19th 2020, The Soledad Police Department has responded to numerous locations throughout the City of Soledad regarding graffiti vandalism to city parks, mailboxes, sound walls, stop signs, public restrooms etc… In all cases, the suspect has spray painted the letters, “LSD” accompanied by a unique symbol (attached photo) throughout town in various colors causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. During one of the incidents, a witness was able to describe an individual seen vandalizing city property as follows:

Light complected Hispanic male adult or white male adult, approximately late teens to early 20’s, approximately 5’10”, thin build wearing all black clothing (hoodie, pants, shoes, hat)

Suspect vehicle was described as a red with black roof
newer model mid-size KIA SUV with black roof
newer model mid-size KIA SUV with California license plates (Unknown plate #)

If you have any information regarding the person(s) involved in this crime, you are encouraged to call WeTip immediately at 1-800-782-7463. You may be eligible for a reward if your information leads to an arrest and conviction. No one will ever know who made the call!

Vandalism at Montclair High School

Chaffey JUSD, CA…  On Wednesday, May 23rd Montclair High School, 4725 Benito Street., Montclair, CA, was vandalized. At approximately 9:20 p.m. a maroon Honda Civic/Accord was seen near the 2 school vans. Suspect(s) broke 14 windows out of the 2 school vans. Someone knows who did this!

If you have any information regarding the person(s) involved in this crime, you are encouraged to call WeTip immediately at 1-800-782-7463. You may be eligible for a reward if your information leads to an arrest and conviction. No one will ever know who made the call!

WeTip celebrates 46 years of fighting crime this year.  Over 1.3 million crime reports have come into WeTip since it was founded in Ontario, California in 1972.  WeTip urges people that have information about any suspicious activity or criminal behavior to call WeTip’s National Hotline at 800-78-CRIME or visit wetip.com to submit a tip.  WeTip takes tips 24/7/365.   All tips are absolutely anonymous, no one ever knows who made the call.