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Anonymous Tip Prevents School Shooting at Granite Bay High School

Last week on Tuesday, May 31st, a Granite Bay High School “tipster” submitted an anonymous tip that made local headlines. A student at the high school who was suspected of planning a school shooting was stopped before any real threat or damage was able to take place. By anonymously submitting a tip, law enforcement was provided enough information to make an arrest. 

The ‘See Something, Say Something’ philosophy is so important. As a nation, as we continue making strides in our school safety efforts, we encourage anyone and everyone to use their voice whenever danger is imminent. What makes this an easier action to take? It’s all anonymous. Your privacy is still taken into account when you submit any tip. Students, teachers, staff members and even local community members can submit tips and help be a part of the solution.

For students, we hope that by providing a variety of reporting options, including call, text, QR code, or a hyperlink on their school websites, they feel comfortable submitting a report. We get it; retaliation is unsettling. WeTip makes it that much easier for students to lean into this retaliation-free anonymous reporting solution. 

Your anonymous tips matter.


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