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Several Arrests made in Fontana after Anonymous tips called into WeTip

Fontana, CA……..Several Anonymous information tips called into the WeTip Hotline has led to the arrest and conviction of three Fontana men in three separate and unconnected Crime incidents.   

The suspect in case #1 (638210), Victor Manuel Sandoval, 39 of Fontana was arrested and convicted of possession a weapon as a Felon.  Sondoval who had prior felony convictions was charged and sentenced to 32 months in California State Prison. This case may have gang connections.  There was no reward in this case.  The informant just wanted to clean up crime in our neighborhoods.

The Suspect in Case #2 (632247) Todd Keith Borton, 56 of Fontana was arrested and conviction of possession of Methamphetamine for Sale.  Police seized 30.3 grams of Methamphetamine valued at over $9,100.  Borton was sentenced to 270 days in County Joil and 3 years Formal probation.  The informant in this case did not request a reward.

The suspect in Case #3 (632514) Leonard Stephens 52 of Fontana was arrested on Possession of Methamphetamine. Stephens was found guilty and sentenced to time in county jail. No reward was requested in this case.

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